April 2016

Refugee Crisis: a real story behind the headlines

Caitlin Alaina - April 28, 2016

  BOKO HARAM KILLS 90 CIVILIANS AND WOUNDS 500 IN CAMAROON ATTACKS   US DECLARES ISLAMIC STATE IS COMMITTING GENOCIDE AGAINST CHRISTIANS AND OTHER MINORITIES, IN IRAQ AND SYRIA   THOUSANDS RISK LIVES CROSSING BORDERS TO FLEE CIVIL WAR   Prior to moving abroad five years ago, the news headlines about humanitarian devastation in overseas countries seemed so distant, so unreal. This year, those news …

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Istanbul’s Annual Tulip Festival

Caitlin Alaina - April 14, 2016

European basketball is in the final stretch of the season. Jon’s team is now playing one game a week, typically on Sundays. On Monday, Jon was given the rare day off of practice so I decided to take the day off from teaching!  Did you ever skip school when you were a kid or teenager? I have to admit, I dusted school a couple of …

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Istanbul’s Less Explored

Caitlin Alaina - April 9, 2016

Istanbul is an alluring city. It’s metropolis limit straddles both Europe and Asia, making it the meeting point of the East and West. If you haven’t visited, picture this: modern, architecturally impressive high rise meets tiny apartment with clothes hung across the terrace to dry. Starbucks caramel macchiato meets traditional turkish tea. A crop top wearing teenager meets woman who wears a niqab only revealing her eyes. This is the modern …

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