March 2017

What the girl who left everything wants you to know

Caitlin Alaina - March 27, 2017

“There was no time to say goodbye or pack my favorite things. My dad came home and said we had to leave now to save our lives. So we left. We left everything.”  ———- I met my friend, Rahma when she was a student of mine last year. As I wrote about previously, the association I taught at partnered with the U.S. and Turkish embassies. Local refugees …

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Istanbul’s Historic Jewish Neighborhood, Kuzguncuk

Caitlin Alaina - March 18, 2017

Most of my daily life is on the European side of Istanbul, so when Lale Magazine asked me to feature a colorful and historic Asian neighborhood of the city, I was thrilled! Unlike America, whose suburbs are new and modern, the neighborhoods of Istanbul have hundreds, and even thousands of years of history. Kuzguncuk retains incredible Jewish history, old family traditions and 19th century wooden houses.

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Expat Strives to Empower Women through Football

Caitlin Alaina - March 7, 2017

March 8th is International Women’s Day! It wasn’t until I moved abroad and experienced different cultures that I truly appreciated taking a day to celebrate women all over the world. This article highlights an Istanbul expat who cultivated a community of women that find strength in each other and football, to be powerful women in the Turkish society. 

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