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February 4, 2017

International Fashion Film Festival

February 4, 2017

Beach Day in Tel Aviv, Israel

February 4, 2017

Shalom! Tel Aviv is an exotic version of Miami. Beautiful weather, amazing beaches, world class restaurants, thriving nightlife, plus ancient history!  This cosmopolitan city isn’t to be overlooked on your trip to Israel.

One relaxing beach day in Tel Aviv is just what we needed before exploring more of the country! 

Renting a car is super easy and definitely a cheaper way to go if you’re planning on going to multiple cities in Israel. We rented a car right at the airport without making any prior arrangements. Just remember to bring your drivers license.

We wanted to stay in a hotel on the beach. Sheraton Tel Aviv is great and fairly priced for the coveted beach location. We flew in at night and woke up to this view from our room the next morning. 80 degrees in October = heaven!

The best weather in Israel is typically April-October. It’s hot and dry. November through March are the cool and wet months.

The Sheraton is on one end of the beach, so we made our way down to find a good spot to sun bathe! The sand here is so soft.

I forget the name but as you’re walking down the beach (away from the Sheraton) there’s a cute cafe where you can have lunch with your toes in the sand. We ordered salads and of course, hummus! We had the tahini hummus and it was so good we went back for more a couple hours later.

Kite surfing is huge here! It was beautiful watching them as the afternoon sun creeped its way down.

Jaffa is a must see in Tel Aviv. It’s the most ancient part of the city and one of the oldest known harbors in the world. In the Bible, it’s said that Jonah set sail into the Mediterranean Sea from this port before he was swallowed by a fish. It’s mentioned three other times in the Bible with connections to King Solomon and the Apostle Peter.

We took a taxi from Tel Aviv Beach to Old Jaffa because we wanted to get there before sunset. If you have time, it’s just a mile or two walk along the seaside. 

Kikar Kedumim Street and the bell tower of St. Peter’s Church in the background.

There are tons of restaurants and cafes in the Jaffa but Aladin has an incredible view!

There are so many great things to see or do (and eat!) in Tel Aviv but we were happy with a low key beach day and watching the sunset in Old Jaffa. Plus we had to get to our husbands’ basketball game downtown that night! 

Practical Tips in Israel:

*Security upon arrival (and departure) in Israel is high. Be prepared and unalarmed when asked in depth questions and thoroughly searched.

*If you rent a car, pay attention to the directions they give you about staying within Israeli borders. Don’t drive your car with Israeli tags into Palestine. 

*Tip waiters and bartenders 10-15%

*”Thank you” in Hebrew is “toda”, pronounced (toh-dah). When traveling, always learn “thank you” in the local language. It’s common courtesy! 

*It seemed like everyone spoke English in Israel! You won’t have a hard time finding someone to help you out.


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