Istanbul’s Annual Tulip Festival

European basketball is in the final stretch of the season. Jon’s team is now playing one game a week, typically on Sundays. On Monday, Jon was given the rare day off of practice so I decided to take the day off from teaching! 

Did you ever skip school when you were a kid or teenager? I have to admit, I dusted school a couple of times in high school for gymnastics or a day of shopping after a doctors appointment. (Thanks Mom!) Fortunately, I have the sweetest of employer’s this year and I didn’t have to shamefully “ditch” my job for the day. She was happy to let me spend the day with my hubby. 

We decided to spend the day walking around Istanbul’s International Tulip Festival. (I know, I’ve got the best guy in the world.) The event goes on through the entire month of April. Millions of tulips are planted all around the city but a large number are condensed in Emirgan Park. Located right next to the Bosphorus, it’s an endless, beautiful park with green space for days, winding walking paths, fishponds, live music performances, vintage mansions turned into coffee houses and of course, tulips.


Did you know the tulip is actually from Turkey? The country’s national flower originated in the Ottoman Empire (present day Turkey) and was then imported into Holland in the 16th century.



The park was filled with families having picnics, people walking their dogs, kids running in the open green space and couples taking wedding photos! I “ooo’ed and ahhh’ed” at these newlyweds for a few minutes with my camera around my neck before they encouraged me to take my own photo of them. We ran into each other a few times throughout the day and exchanged giddy smiles and laughs each time. I just love, LOVE!




I definitely wasn’t the only person taking photos. Everyone seemed to have their camera or iPhone out trying to capture just a sliver of beauty.





I was surrounded by millions of flowers and the most handsome man! 




Before we left, we stopped at this vintage mansion that was converted into a coffee shop and restaurant.



Lots of flowers and lots of love.



XO, Cait


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  • Reply Erin April 16, 2016 at 8:14 am

    You are the most adorable.
    And you and your man, such a handsome couple. Great photos Cait!

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